I've been cat-owned for over 40 years.  Caring exclusively for cats has always been my passion.  When I started, 21 years ago, everyone thought I was crazy to limit my pet care to cats.  I stuck to my original plan and am happy I did. I have a better understanding of cats and their individual personalities.  I know when they want attention and when to leave them alone. There are subtle signs each cat displays. While I don't have a medical background, I have alerted my clients of unusual behavior that resulted in a visit to their vet.  That's what happens when you get to know a cats' behavior. As a cat sitter, I notice oddities you may not, because I don't see your cat on a daily basis. Cats hide their problems well. A new set of eyes can be helpful. So rest assured, I will treat your cat like I do my own.  And believe me, my cat is spoiled rotten! So don't let just anyone care for your furry family member, entrust them to The Cat Lady.