New Website & Services!

When I started Pet Sitting as “The Pug Mom” back in the summer of 2014, I just wanted to help animals and it was a pretty good excuse to help pay the bills. In early 2013, I was hired at my ‘dream job’ as a Box Office Assistant for a local/non-corporate promoter, but as the entertainment industry isn’t always consistent for some - it wasn’t enough to pay my bills! Just after Christmas, I then accepted a ‘day job’ becoming the Assistant Manager for a popular and growing Grooming Salon/Boutique in Summerlin. I absolutely loved it and working for my Salon Manager was life changing! Aly trained me to become a Certified Dog Bather and while she ran the Salon - I ran the Retail Store. Then unfortunately in May, she and the owner had some disagreements and after she left things just weren’t the same and I didn’t feel at home anymore.

Shortly before I quit, our clients all the time would beg me to pet sit for them and with advertising everywhere I thought - I should become a Pet Sitter! Obviously, I needed time to build up my clientele and with Luna walking into my life that month, my bills were piling up. Becoming a pug mom of 2 really made me want more, so I accepted another ‘day job’ at a brand new veterinary clinic nearby and trained to become a Veterinary Receptionist/Assistant. As I became a trusted Pet Sitter for the Summerlin and Southwest, I started to become overbooked and exhausted. I left the clinic after a year - giving up on my Assistant Certification and went full-time into a booming solo business known by the internet and my clients as “The Pug Mom”.

I fully became Licensed, Insured and Bonded and thought about becoming a member of Pet Sitter’s International but it wasn’t until late 2016 when I started to network with my colleagues that I became convinced that Pet Sitting was more than just “extra cash”. Pet Care was a real profession, that not a lot of people thought about. Most only want their pets just to be cared for when they can’t be there. In late 2017, I started to become passionate about pet care education and all things holistic. I knew my heart was no longer meant for Pet Sitting so I slowly started cutting back and by January I knew I needed to do more! These last 9 months have been crazy busy but I never gave up on the idea of retiring for Consulting and I’m proud to announce that with this new website, the Pets of Las Vegas mobile app and the Pawesome Professionals mastermind group - it’s been worth the wait! Please stay tuned and thank you so much for your support over these last almost 5 years - it means the world to me that you also want to be the person your pet thinks you are ♥